Tips For The Whole Family When Solving Escape Rooms Challenges

Over the last few years, escape rooms have become quite popular. You will go in with your team and find hints to that will eventually help you throughout the process. This game might be an hour or more depending on the person in charge. Some of the mysteries involve solving clues using logic or decrypting codes to reveal padlock combinations, electronic keypads and much more. In some cases, you have to play around with the objects provided in the room to find a clue that will lead you to the next step.

Family Friendly Escape Rooms And The Best Tips To Win

If you’re an enthusiast of escape rooms, you can choose to go with your family since, in most places, the required age of participation is nine years. These rooms have numerous puzzles running concurrently, so you need a few members to win, and that’s why bringing along your family is a good idea. Well here are some of the most useful tips when you choose to take your children to an escape room and win the puzzles.

• You should check the limit before booking an escape room. It would be disappointing to pay money for an escape room only to find out that your youngest child can’t join because he/she is too young. A quick glance through the FAQ’s will help you find out the age restrictions on any participants in the games. You can even do a quick research on Google and type something like “escape room memphis reviews” to get a head start on what the experience is like depending on where you are located.

• Make sure you arrive in time. Since escape room games have become quite popular you will find that many people have booked a specific venue. Therefore, when you book your time, find out when you need to arrive and make sure you’re there in time. In some cases, you need to be there 10 to 20 minutes before time to get there in time and enjoy your game effortlessly.

• Before the game starts, make sure that everyone has eaten and relieved themselves. It would be tough to work through any puzzle when one of your children is dancing because they have to pee or if they cause a tantrum because they are hungry.

• If you have already solved something, you can give your kids a try at it too as you move to something else. Indeed, it requires group participation and doing everything on your own will leave nothing for anyone else. Your children will become bored if they have to sit down and watch you moving from one puzzle to the other.

• You should encourage the other members of the family to participate. You should let them know that it’s their responsibility to find the next clue allowing them to focus on the puzzle without being easily distracted. Encourage everyone to notice details that you might miss and also examine everything to make sure you don’t skip any essential clues to the puzzles.

• Finally, you should plan for a meal or a family outing with the family after the escape room experience allowing you to talk about everything in detail. It will make for a good bonding experience for everyone involved, and soon enough you will be booking more escape room events for the whole family to enjoy.

Here’s a sample video on how you can have an amazing time finding clues and solving mysteries together with your family: